and to think I usually vote Lib-Dem too

But Lord Clement-Jones has put me off them now.
Why is it these ancient fossils are so utterly clueless when it comes down to the internets?

Oh wait, yes - that'll be were money trumps common sense - and the fact they only listen to Lobbyists and the sound of their cheque books opening to fund various pet causes...

Lord Clement-Jones on the Digital Economy Bill: web blocking amendment

"Lib Dem sleaze? Lord Clement-Jones takes £70,000 a year from DLA Piper, a law firm specialising in copyright and patent law, who would stand to gain a great deal if this draconian bill gets passed into law."

Oh, at least 25 Lib-Dems are trying to get them to see common sense - although unfortunately I think it might be a bit late.
25 Lib Dem PPCs sign letter asking Lib Dem Parliamentarians to think again on Digital Economy Bill.

Planet Jamie's blog post: The Road From Legitimate Suspicion To Rampant Paranoia.

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