The Innocent smoothies of politics are still the party of the rich

I have to agree with this commenter - the only things the Tory party have going for them is:

1. They're not the Labour party - and so can lay a dubious claim to have not got the country into the mess it is supposedly in these days. (What would they have done so different that we could've sidestepped all this? They never say?)

2. Cameron - it took a while - but they finally found someone among their ranks who isn't downright ugly or weird looking. He is now literally a poster boy.

3. Err... Eeeer... that's about it.

Vision? Policies? Pretty short on saying anything about such things. They say they're going to cut public spending to help get the deficit down (which always begs the question - why is it the public have to bear the brunt of these cuts? It isn't our fault - make the damn bankers pay back everything they took to keep them from going under. Oh wait - they get their money from bank charges, interest rates and fees they take from their customers - Um, there's something a bit wrong there.) The Tories are making noises about re-legalising fox hunting, and they want to reduce inheritance tax. That's all I know they want to do... No doubt they have many plans in place to punish the poor for having the brazen temerity for going around being poor -damn it. Both Labour and The Tories are very much in favour of that these days.

The Innocent smoothies of politics are still the party of the rich | Jonathan Freedland | Comment is free | The Guardian

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