Gordon Brown: Video on TED.com

Gordon Brown: Wiring a web for global good | Video on TED.com

Is this really the same man who heads a Government that wants to keep a record of every single person's telephone calls, web pages visited, emails sent and received, allows the police to photograph people on peaceful lawful demonstrations and to keep DNA samples and fingerprints on record in spite of that person's complete innocence? A Government that is pushing through a Digital Economy Bill that is going to make life very difficult if not impossible for whole sections of internet users under the guise of protecting copyright holder's material (there's a current storm over the bill's attempt to out-law private 'web lockers' and a clause that taken literally could even shut down the UK's access to Youtube and similar sites. It seems a bit disingenuous to praise the internet for opening up the world and it's potential for bringing the world together for the moral good - while at home there's a bill being rushed with indecent haste through parliament which will bring in rather draconian ways of shutting down potentially huge chunks of the internet - all under the guise of copyright protection (IE big enterprise corporations out to try and protect their profiteering ways versus well, everyone else) - like that legislation won't get abused very quickly. (Like super-injunctions routinely are in libel laws.)

[Should I mention this is the same Government that has it's intelligence services being called to account for their part in torture allegations? Interestingly, even ironically, it was leaked phone cam pictures that exposed what was going on in Guantanamo bay. We didn't hear Brown getting involved calling out for human rights abuse there.)]

I'm constantly fascinated by politicians ability to say one thing stating their good intentions while actually doing things that ensure in the exact opposite thing happen.

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