Banks 'to be forced' to provide accounts for all

Well - this comes as a bit late for me. I had loads of trouble opening an bank account last year. So I now have personal experience of the crass stupidity of the banking system. There I was holding a cheque from an inheritance for real proper money and I couldn't get at it simply because I couldn't get a bank to let me open an account. We now have a system where banks make most of their money from lending money out - so they want credit checks (but why? I wasn't asking to borrow any money) before they'll do anything. And this was at the height of the credit crunch - in effect they were turning down real money because they had gotten so used to interest payments on money they were hoping to lend out. Banks have completely lost the plot. But we know that already from seeing them throwing huge bonuses around for themselves despite having nearly having brought down the entire banking system.)

2010 budget: Banks 'to be forced' to provide accounts for all | Money |

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