benefit deniers

The medical was an absolute joke

The government's reform of the disability benefits system has angered claimants, who say the new tests fail to identify why they can't work. Amelia Gentleman reports on the fallout of Cameron's war against 'sicknote culture'

and even the man who devised the tests is firing off warnings:

New disability test 'is a complete mess', says the man who designed it

Welfare reform expert Professor Paul Gregg says a rushed roll out of the work capability assessment will cause more anguish.

I left a comment on the first story:

all this needless suffering and cruelty just to save the Government a billion pounds over how many years? Can't they just stop all this nonsense (and stop enriching a foreign company - another part of the obscenity) and just pop across the hall to ask Philip Green to find a billion quid out of his tax avoidance - he's probably got that much in loose change down the back of his wife's sofa.

He'd become a national hero overnight and be contributing to the Big Society and all of that... even I wouldn't begrudge him a knighthood after that either.


In it all together then? Only obviously some of us are deeper in 'it' than others. I might have left a couple of letters out of that last sentence, a s and a h.

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