New homes bonus for councils will 'worsen England's north-south divide'

Impending £1bn funding crisis will hit the north of England as the affluent south prospers, warn housing experts.

Of course it will. In case anyone hasn't noticed yet - this Government is all about looking after it's own - the wealthy middle class at the expense of everyone else. They aren't even pretending to be egalitarian like Thatcher pretended to be by allowing the working class to buy their council homes (and then refusing the councils permission to build new social housing - which has led to an on-going housing shortage. inflated house prices and a overall mess).

Nearly the whole building developments market -because it's been a free market, has always built too many of inappropriate things at the wrong time. So during the boom years of the Eighties they kept putting up office buildings - only to see crashes and recessions mean there wasn't the expected businesses to rent them. So they stood empty for years. The long boom years of ever increasing house prices and easy mortgages meant the builders turned to building a lot of luxury apartments in city centres that only millionaires could afford... and oooh look - the hundreds of millionaires never arrived. So here we are... all set to repeat another circle of building inappropriate housing for executives. Mmmmm. I have a bad feeling about this.

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