Tebbit advice to Merthyr unemployed 'move to get jobs'

Tebbit is an idiot. An out-of-touch, out-dated, out-of-his-head idiot.

When asked whether people in Merthyr should get on their bikes and look for work, Lord Tebbit replied: "Yes people do have to get up and go.

"People do it in Poland, people do it in Hungary, people do it in Lithuania. Why are they more willing to do it than we are?"

Well - some are already doing exactly that, the recent graduates in Irish are - and the Irish Govt. isn't happy about that. But these are people with qualifications that employers want. Likewise the Eastern Europeans have those qualifications and skills their employers want here.

What have the long term unemployed, un-qualified, un-skilled, experience-less got to offer? (And the last Government and the government before them and this Government haven't done much to address training for these people. Loans aren't enough encouragement when they can see they're not likely to get a job at the end of it and then have to pay the loan back out of nothing.)
Those Eastern Europeans come here to work - and for a short time only - the exchange rates are such that they're willing to suffer bad conditions for a while to amass enough money to go back home. Well, that's the lucky ones - the ones that don't find themselves homeless and sleeping in parks once the work has dried up.

"Why have we got today fathers who have never worked? In that sense we are worse off than we were before the war, before the welfare state."

Why? Because throughout the Eighties your ilk destroyed most of the manufacturing base, and destroyed steel and coal mining. Then started the path of globalisation and allowing companies to 'off-shore' a lot of work - and gave them heavy tax cuts for doing that. The jobs where we actually made things to sell - all went abroad, and those countries sold those goods back to us - cheaper than we could make them. Thatcher believed that the financial sector and the service industry would replace all those lost jobs... Shouty men in suits in the city magicking money out of nothing - while the proles would cut each other's hair and paint each other's nails - while the East Europeans would build our houses and serve us in Restaurants and bars... or something. Except 30 years later - it's proving to have been all a bit of a gigantic delusional mistake - but here we are - back with Tories blaming the victims for the mess that the Tories put them in!

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