Lord Oakeshott quits

Lord Oakeshott quits over George Osborne's banking deal | Politics | The Guardian: "Lib Dem peer leaves frontbench, saying of Project Merlin 'if this is robust action on bonuses, my name's Bob Diamond'

The irony is if more Lib Dems don't start resigning and/or making a lot more fuss over what's happening in parliament then they're never going to be seen as trustworthy again (well insofar as any politician is ever trustworthy) and the electoral reform we desperately need is dead in the water.

And we can't have a situation where on the one hand the Govt, is saying how we're all desperately broke and we have to make cut after cut after cut - and yet it can be seen that that's there's such much money floating around that these individuals can award themselves obscenely huge bonus payouts.

We need a revolution.

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